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Music Sales Limited Afro Cuban Grooves Bass/Drum

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Afro Cuban Grooves Bass/Drum   A guide to Applying afro-cuban grooves to funk, rock and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Afro Cuban Grooves Bass/Drum"
Afro Cuban Grooves Bass/Drum  

A guide to Applying afro-cuban grooves to funk, rock and jazz, for bass and drums.  
CLAVE and TUMBAO. Traditional bass tumbao examples Cascara, paila, and bell ride patterns.  
SONGO. Drumset orchestrations Funfified slap songo tumbaos Songo style jam.  
GUAGUANCO. Conga patterns on the drumset combining traditional and hybrid bass lines with rumba and funk.  
AFRO-CUBAN 6/8 6/8 patterns as a vehicle for other rhythmic possibilities and diferent time feels  
CHA-CHA-CHA. Adaptability to rock Spap cha-cha-cha playing a backbeat.  
MOZAMBIQUE. Mozambique in rock and funk context.  

Lincoln Goines is one of New York's most respected and recorded bassists. His concept of the bass as a rhythm instrument, and his ability to incorporate traditional Latin lines with ideas drawn from percussion patterns, can be heard on recordings with well known Latin-jazz artists Dave Valenting, Michel Camilo, Gato Barbieri, Paquito D'Rivera, Tania Maria, and Eliane Elias. Lincoln is also known for his contemporary jazz-funk playing with John Scofiel, Mike Stern, and Bob Berg.  
Bobby Ameen has made a life study of Afro-Cuban rhythms and combines this knowledge with his own powerful drumming style to create a highly original funk/Afro-Cuban amalgam. Robby's ability to complement a Latin rhythm section can be heard on recordings with Ruben Blades, Dave Valentin, Dizzy Gillespie, Kip Hanrahan, and Eddie Palmieri, among many others. Robby has also worked with Paquito D'Rivera, Gato Barbieri, Willie Colon, and Paul Simon.  

Includes separate pull-out in Spanish.  
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